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Dr Hardeo Kumar Thakur

Professor Dr. Hardeo Kumar Thakur is working as a Professor ... View Profile

Dr Susmita Ray

Professor Expertise in the area of software product/applicat... View Profile

Prof Sachin Lakra

Professor Green Computing, Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Prinima Gupta

Professor Ad-hoc networks, Information Security, Data Mining... View Profile

Prof Jyoti Pruthi

Professor Soft Computing, Sentiment Analysis, Dataware house... View Profile

Prof Parneeta Dhaliwal

Professor Research Interest Machine Learning, Data Science, ... View Profile

Dr Manpreet Kaur

Head of the Department Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Dee... View Profile

Dr Riya Sapra

Associate Professor I am working in Blockchain Technology and Internet... View Profile

Dr R Girija

Associate Professor The major area of computer science and engineering... View Profile

Prof K Deepa Mru

Associate Professor expertise on smart grids AI... View Profile

Dr Urmila Mru

Associate Professor Computer Science Information System... View Profile

Ms Hanu Bhardwaj

Associate Professor Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Agile ... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Singh

Associate Professor Multimedia, Image Processing, Information Retrieva... View Profile

Mrs Gaganjot Kaur

Assistant Professor To impart quality education to aspiring engineerin... View Profile

Dr Mamta Arora

Assistant Professor A proactive and enthusiastic faculty and researche... View Profile

Ms Priyanka Gupta

Assistant Professor Mrs. Priyanka Gupta associated with this organizat... View Profile

Dr Alpana

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Le... View Profile

Mrs Deepanshi Gupta

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Mrs Gunjan Chandwani

Assistant Professor data analytics,python,android,agile... View Profile

Mr Ram Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Social Networks... View Profile

Mr Anup Singh Kushwaha

Assistant Professor cloud computing, IOT... View Profile

Mrs Meena Chaudhary

Assistant Professor C Language,Core Java,Html... View Profile

Mr Agha Imran Husain

Assistant Professor working on Green Computing... View Profile

Ms Sarika Gambhir

Assistant Professor Computer Science Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Mr Narender Mru

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Artificia... View Profile

Mr Harsh Bhasin

Assistant Professor Authored 11 books including those published by Oxf... View Profile

Ms Anu Sharma

Assistant Professor Sustainable Computing, Green computing and Web tec... View Profile

Mrs Chandni Magoo

Assistant Professor Research expertise in Natural language processing ... View Profile

Mr Manoj Kumar

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence Computer vision... View Profile

Dr Neelu Chaudhary

Assistant Professor Ph.D in Mining in Analysis of evolving patterns in... View Profile

Dr Shalu Singh

Assistant Professor cloud computing, energy efficiency, data mining... View Profile

Mr Sanjay Kumar

Assistant Professor Expertise area are theory of computational, compil... View Profile

Mr Ankur Kumar Aggarwal

Assistant Professor Experience of AIML, Mobile app development, Java... View Profile

Ms Dimple Chehal

Assistant Professor Recommender System... View Profile

Ms Parnika Bhat

Assistant Professor My research area is "Malware detection on the Andr... View Profile