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Dr Rashee Singh

Head of the Department Dr. Rashee Singh has beenin the field of education... View Profile

Dr Babita Parashar

Dean Instructional Designer, Science Pedagogue... View Profile

Prof Geeta Thakur

Dean I am qualified and practitioner Instructional Desi... View Profile

Dr Kiran Gupta

Associate Professor Training effective teachers.... View Profile

Dr Savita Sharma

Associate Professor With more than 15 plus years of experience in the ... View Profile

Dr Chhavi Kulshreshtha

Associate Professor English literature... View Profile

Dr Akhilesh Kr Dwivedi

Associate Professor Language and Linguistics... View Profile

Prof Kriti Dagar

Assistant Professor I take keen interest in exploring the Economics of... View Profile

Dr Pooja Parmar

Assistant Professor Plant stress biology, biotechnology and plant path... View Profile

Dr Vandana Nandal

Assistant Professor Microbiology,PGPR, Biotechnology,Biofertilizers... View Profile

Mr R K Sanayaima Singh

Assistant Professor SAARC, National Security, Japan-India relations... View Profile

Mr Sharv Datt Anand

Assistant Professor A specialisation in Learning Disabilities and in L... View Profile

Dr Nibedita Hazarika

Assistant Professor PhD in Development Studies with special focus on L... View Profile

Ms Ridhi Khanna

Assistant Professor I am working as an Assistant Professor holding the... View Profile

Dr Ritu Sharma

Assistant Professor I have been associated with the field of teaching ... View Profile